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Full Fulford Geopolitical Update for September 10, 2018 [text + video]

Full Fulford Geopolitical Update for July 16, 2018 [text + video]

After all of the current Q drops, I’m considering Ben’s suggestion they could be setting the stage for shutting down worldwide air journey whereas they carry out the mass arrests might be what that is about.

Drake informed us years in the past that when the cabal arrest state of affairs unfolded, communications can be shut down (the cabal’s coms have been just lately disabled, keep in mind?) and nobody can be allowed to go away the US underneath any circumstances for a couple of days till the roundup was full. Git alongside little dogies! Who’s the cattle now?

There at the moment are over 51,700 sealed indictments. That’s a variety of arrests. Most individuals are unaware of what’s unfolding they usually don’t need to upset the natives, in order that they must concoct a believable purpose for shutting down all airways briefly—and to make use of the cabal’s personal trick of utilizing disaster actors… It’s simply too scrumptious.  ~ BP

Pandemic scare brewing as cabal faces doom

September 10th, 2018

by Benjamin Fulford

A pandemic scare is looming as airplanes in a number of nations reported to be filled with “diseased” individuals are touchdown and being put in quarantine.  Nevertheless, Protection Intelligence Company (DIA) sources say the incidents all look like pretend ones involving disaster actors.

The pandemic scare comes because the execution of U.S. Senator John McCain despatched shock waves via Khazarian mafia ranks, who at the moment are activating all their assets in a determined transfer to save lots of themselves.  Thus, this pandemic scare could also be one thing like a schoolboy calling in a bomb menace to his faculty with a view to keep away from an examination he’s going to fail.

Nevertheless, it’s also potential the U.S. military-industrial institution could also be getting ready a pandemic scare as a canopy to cease all airline flights worldwide as a way to forestall Khazarian mafia from escaping, as over 51,000 sealed indictments start to be acted upon.

In any case, the hyperlinks under are only a partial indication of the size of this deliberate “pandemic.”

Nigeria to London — monkey pox

Spain to England, 9/four/18 — illness bug

Oran, Algeria to France, 9/5/18 — cholera

Dubai to New York, 9/5/18 — flu

Paris, France to Philadelphia, 9/6/18 — flu
Munich, Germany to Philadelphia, 9/6/18 — flu

The pandemic scare is simply one of many many threads within the ongoing disaster on the prime of the world, particularly the Western energy construction.

The middle of motion stays the U.S., the place the army authorities backing President Donald Trump has intensified its takedown of the cabal.  Pentagon sources are saying the subsequent part within the assault will contain high-level Republicans like former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George Bush Jr., who each “will be taken down first for 9/11 treason so that the Democrats can’t complain when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are targeted.”

It’s value noting that George H.W. Bush (Sr.) is almost definitely lifeless since he didn’t present up on the John McCain funeral.  Additionally, Bush’s physician was shot this summer time and some time later the person who shot the physician was possible “suicided,” indicating a attainable cover-up of Bush’s dying.

In any case, the state of affairs for the long-awaited arrest of those prime cabalists is steadily unfolding.  The execution of Senator John “ISIS” McCain allowed him to get replaced with pro-Trump Senator Jon Kyl, the sources observe.  It will make it simpler to verify Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Courtroom Decide, they level out.

The subsequent step will contain incriminating Bush Jr. and so forth. by declassifying Overseas Surveillance Intelligence Act (FISA) paperwork together with 9/11 paperwork from when Kavanaugh was Bush’s Employees Secretary from 2001 to 2005, the Pentagon sources say.

The noose can also be tightening on Obama, as a result of his Chicago mob protectors are being taken down.  It began with the arrest in July of a Bronfman heiress (the Bronfmans obtained wealthy by supplying booze to Al Capone) for her half within the NXIVM intercourse trafficking cult.  Now the top of the U.S. department of Mossad, Rahm Emmanuel, “was forced out as Chicago mayor and may be indicted for his crimes and corruption,” the Pentagon sources say.

The dragnet can also be closing in on Nazi conflict felony Benjamin Netanyahu because the Jewish individuals lastly get up to his satanic criminality.  An indication of this got here when Israeli newspapers similar to Haaretz disclosed that his authorities has been secretly funding numerous Syrian anti-government teams responsible of crimes towards humanity.

The takedown of the highest Khazarian mobsters is coinciding with an ongoing assault on two of their main energy facilities—the company media and the high-tech oligopoly.

The Khazarian “media is under assault as fake-news NBC is facing probes for spiking a Harvey Weinstein story, while CBS was forced to fire fellow sex predator [Chairman Leslie] Moonves on the September 9 Jewish New Year,” the Pentagon sources say.

The sources add that “big tech Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google (FAAG) may be reamed and broken up to stop spying and censorship, and to foster competition.”

Here’s what “former spy who ran a false flag operation for the CIA” Robert David Steele needed to say concerning the state of affairs:

“The digital assassination continues of Alex Jones specifically, and all those who seek Sandy Hook truth generally.  This may become not just a case of public free speech versus private Internet censorship, but a racketeering investigation as well and perhaps eventually an antitrust monopoly breakup.  The list of culpable companies is now far greater than the original #GoogleGestapo allies (Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube), all under some form of U.S. secret intelligence and Zionist control and influence.  It now includes Apple, Discus, Pinterest,, and many more.  It is very much like a Deep State execution order that all the Deep State platforms are obeying.”

Steele provides that whereas his “Internet Service Provider DreamHost is honoring the First Amendment, Amazon has blocked the book of collected memoranda on Sandy Hook that was delivered to the White House on 8 September.”

The Khazarian cabal is reeling, however they’re removed from completed.  Probably the most lethal counterattack they might make towards the Trump regime might come within the type of a inventory market crash.  As you possibly can see from the article within the hyperlink under, the company media has now begun a refrain of doom for the market and the financial system.

In fact, first they needed to raise the market as much as irrational heights earlier than setting it up for the autumn, and you may be certain high-level insiders just like the Rothschilds shall be milking cash on the best way down simply as they did on the best way up.

The Khazarian mafia can also be making an enormous transfer to guard German Chancellor Angela Merkel, their most senior chief nonetheless in energy.  German sources are saying a false-flag incident was staged within the metropolis of Chemnitz, with a view to present a pretext to crack down on nationalists by labeling them as harmful, in accordance with German White Dragon Society (WDS) sources.  The top of German home intelligence seems to agree.

Additionally, the British aspect of the Khazarian mob stays on the warpath by staging pretend chemical warfare assaults within the UK and is getting ready to stage them in Syria.  They’re doing this as a result of their oil pursuits within the Center East are being threatened by the Russians they usually want a believable excuse for army motion aimed toward defending oil revenue, MI5 sources admit.

Issues have additionally heated up in Japan with a possible earthquake weapon assault towards the Northern Island of Hokkaido.  The earthquake is suspicious as a result of its epicenter was close to a army base (identical to the current ones in Southern Japan), the seismograph had the hallmarks of a man-made earthquake, and it was shallow.  Moreover, despite the fact that the earthquake occurred at three AM, slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was up and prepared with an emergency response middle inside three minutes, indicating he in all probability had advance warning.

The motive might have been extortion, since on the day of the earthquake Trump stated that good relations with Japan “will end as soon as I tell them how much they have to pay.”

In fact, the People have been warned La Palma might be hit and the U.S. East Coast will expertise a 100-meter tsunami if they struggle any extra stunts like that, WDS sources in Japan say.  Moreover, there are strikes afoot to take away the Abe slave regime and nationalize the Financial institution of Japan, Japanese right-wing sources say.

In any case, the weak hyperlink within the Trump regime stays finance, because the U.S. stays bankrupt and depending on overseas consumers of U.S. Treasuries (primarily the Chinese language and Japanese) with a view to hold working at its present lifestyle.

Additionally, whereas the transfer by the Trump U.S. army authorities to take away the cabal and restore the Republic is laudable and overdue, they haven’t introduced any actual plan for what to do after they “get the bad guys.”  Particularly, they don’t appear to have any plan for coping with the continued man-made planetary extinction occasion.

The European department of the cabal, for all their evil and corruption, at the least tried to cope with this challenge utilizing their (admittedly pretend) global-warming carbon rip-off.  Until the Trump regime comes up with an actual plan for the planet, Trump goes to finish up like former Soviet chief Boris Yeltsin, whose primary position was to preside over the collapse of the previous, rotten system.

The WDS and their allies have a plan for an enormous, multi-trillion greenback marketing campaign to finish poverty and environmental destruction around the globe inside a matter of months.  If the Trump army regime fails to go alongside, they may discover their paychecks bouncing.