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Headlines and Updates for October 19, 2018: Cabal Doubles Down on All-Out War [videos]

Headlines and Updates for October 19, 2018: Cabal Doubles Down on All-Out War [videos]

With regard to that headline, we don’t do “click bait” or “fear porn” on this ship. Following is the sit-rep with respect to the removing of the New World Order. You’ll please forgive me although, as a result of almost every little thing appears humorous at this time and I’ve the giggles. Have the galactics been pumping in nitrous oxide? What’s in these chemtrails, anyway? Maybe it’s lack of sleep, or one other “lighten up” wave of power.

Final night time Thomas Williams advised us the cabal has declared all-out warfare on Humanity and all life types on this planet. (hyperlink under)

No biggie. That is to be anticipated, and Thomas assured us there isn’t a want for worry. I’ve been telling readers for 6 years that the cabal won’t ever give up and it’ll come right down to “us or them”. It was their selection after many alternatives to step down.

Thomas says we’re approach forward of them in technique and numbers and their little armies don’t have a hope of profitable this conflict in the long run recreation.

As we have now reported a number of occasions, President Trump has suggested everybody to organize and they carried out the Presidential Wi-fi Emergency Alert “test”—no matter what individuals think about that was about. There’s a lot worry porn on the market.

We’ve had the cabal’s personal communications satellites taken over by the Resistance Motion, as confirmed by a number of sources; we’ve seen three mobile networks go down up to now week, in addition to Amazon and YouTube; three mainstream information networks have been off the air (NBC, ABC, CBS), my telephone and Web have been down greater than normal, and late yesterday afternoon our DirecTV satellite tv for pc went down and that’s extraordinarily uncommon—like perhaps annually. All I noticed was the reboot notification saying the system was doing a diagnostic and then every part got here again up the place it left off, proper again to my music.

Does this sound in any respect like what could be thought-about a “reset” to you? Simply considering out loud.

Right here’s a sensible-sounding rationalization for the YouTube outage, and he says this may be utilized to all the banking system. He says it’s “alarming”. To me, it’s not alarming in any respect. It’s an encouraging signal of the occasions, and the modifications underneath strategy to transition to the brand new techniques that the cabal just isn’t in charge of.

He speaks of the “keys”. Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben have spoken at size of the digital Web Keys held by Hillary Clinton enabling her to personally entry any web site, e-mail, and so on. to learn and even modify knowledge. Since she is a grateful recipient of the “catch and release” program and won’t be Queen of the World as she assumed… if, perchance, these keys modified palms lately, may we see the next state of affairs? Maybe.

Thomas confirmed the SpaceX rocket launch was somewhat greater than that, though undoubtedly NOT opening a portal. He stated the payload was unauthorized and “not beneficial” so I assume we had somewhat “intervention”. That’s the way it appeared to me, so thanks for the affirmation, and thanks very a lot to our guardians.

Californians came upon this week that electrical energy could be denied at any time, so I hope everyone seems to be getting the image.

Texas is getting flooded, and the Carolinas have additionally been underneath water for weeks. Water and electrical energy don’t combine. Nobody can predict what is going to occur or when, and in occasions of conflict we have to be ready.

We’ve recommended everybody have sufficient meals and water on hand for 2 weeks, in addition to meds and every day requirements and min. half a tank of fuel always. It’s not anticipated any inconvenience will prolong longer than two weeks on the most if and when techniques go down for the worldwide reset, and in all probability much less.

Thomas stated there’s a super quantity of mission crucial stuff going on behind the scenes and nothing may be stated about it.

Right here is the video for the present final night time. You can too pay attention on

Cobra has posted nothing in 6 days besides this replace for the Resistance Motion:

Friday, October 19, 2018

GHVBN failure, implement PHX / P501 / L52

Maybe this implies they’re preserving an in depth watch on Airforce1 because the President flies to Phoenix for the MAGA rally. Extra on that under.

So… I belief we’re in good arms. The White Hats and Mild Forces have a strong plan, QAnon has been darkish for 10 days and Thomas can’t inform us something a lot.

He did say we now have lots of off-world backup amassed above us, able to launch into motion—oh! and he stated that these Beings who’ve been implementing the martial regulation state of affairs we have now been underneath globally for eons, at the moment are implementing the worldwide Peace Treaty. Any events in breach of the treaty will probably be handled severely—no matter that entails. Thrilling occasions! There can be no catastrophic, extinction-level occasions on THIS planet.

I recall a channeled message a number of years in the past telling us that because the warfare peaked visibly there can be a lot occurring suddenly it might appear to be utter chaos. The deep state is making an attempt to engulf President Trump in a storm, however every little thing is beneath management and he appears to hover within the eye the place he can see throughout him and reply sensibly.

I suppose it’s potential we’ll see extra extreme climate, whether or not pure or man-made, so it’s prudent to have our SHTF plan simply in case. If we will stay calm it’ll assist us all.

Our Planetary Protection Commander, Thor says a mega-storm, warmth, freezing and the whole lot you possibly can identify is arising. He makes me giggle out loud and humour is a superb tension-breaker. Thor provides us a 360 of every part going on with Terra/Midgard together with volcanoes and extra anticipated rainfall within the US southwest subsequent week. So sorry, Texas!


Right here’s some extra humour: I repeat—HUMOUR. Humorous. Ha-ha. It’s truly hysterical in the event you take heed to the top.

This emergency alert broadcast from Homeland Safety is seemingly a mockery of some scare tactic the deep state would have liked to implement as a result of inside their tiny minds, they have been going to invoke WWIII; delusional, decrepit, retards that they’re.

It says they consider Iran fired an ICBM at Israel, Israel replied in variety, and that in reprisal Russia and China joined in on the enjoyable. They proceed, saying the blast will flatten our houses and the water in your rest room could also be used for washing however not consuming. Give me oxygen. Whoever created this alert message can’t spell and left phrases out. “Stay in your refuge for six months.” I can hardly sort I’m laughing so arduous.

Because of Jamie Lee of A Aircraft Fact for this, and his added bonus. It’s about time NASA confirmed us an actual photograph of Earth from area.

War of the Worlds III!?! Disturbing FEMA Emergency Broadcast…. Predictive Programming the Plenty?

Since we’re on the subject of NASA and genuine pictures, I occurred upon this video this morning and it matches. I really like how people sneak these things in.


Hundreds of US-bound migrants storm Guatemala-Mexico border (VIDEO)

That is madness, and a disaster which might go very mistaken. Intend for a relaxed and peaceable decision, please. A miracle can be good.

I watched a Fox information present with Tucker Carlson final night time and he stated that a caravan from 2017 that stormed the US/Mexican border introduced tons of of unlawful immigrants to America and they’re nonetheless right here. Now the cabal needs to flood us with 4K extra. I really feel sorry for these individuals being in limbo and victims of this conflict. They have been lied to and given money to do that.

Nancy Pelosi is telling us it’s “immoral” to place up a wall; like she and the cabal have ever had an oz of morality and even know what it’s.

They love to put the guilt journeys on us, don’t they? WE brought about “global warming”. WE are insensitive if we use the fallacious terminology in our speech. WE are racist if we don’t need immigrants shifting into our cities and raping and killing harmless individuals. WE are immoral if we need to forestall unlawful immigrants—which often embrace terrorists, drug and arms runners and now Muslims—from crashing our border and placing an enormous monetary pressure on a rustic the place our personal youngsters are going to high school hungry, individuals have misplaced their houses, and tens of millions are jobless or working three jobs to make ends meet and pay for felony medical care—in the meantime THEY are answerable for the planet and every thing that occurs on it. Make that previous tense.

The Democrats need to go. They don’t have the most effective pursuits of the Individuals of their plan and need the other of what the Republic calls for to rebuild the nation and shield the individuals. They’re anti-Republic, and anti-constitution.

I want to know: Are Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Gerry Brown going to place up these migrants of their palatial houses, feed and dress them, and pay for their re-education and medical bills? I doubt it.

This one simply got here in. To me, this IS chaos.

BREAKING: Honduran Migrants in Caravan Tear Down Border Gate in Guatemala – Storm Mexico Border (VIDEO)

How’s this for a gobsmacking headline? Miracles occur day by day.

‘Breakthrough’ & ‘message to US’: France & Germany to hitch Russia & Turkey in Syria summit

RT additionally studies that Julian Assange is suing Ecuador. What took you so lengthy, Julian?


From final night time, Dave’s updates on the monetary, geopolitical, political and international state of affairs.


And, as soon as once more closing on a light-weight observe, we study the NPC meme is driving the dimms loopy.

I not often do social media and till yesterday (thanks R) didn’t know what the NPC meme was. This text explains. It’s type of like a faceless zombie. Type of just like the dimms.

The jack-o-lantern on the prime of this submit additionally illustrates the NPC meme they seek advice from, and there are many amusing ones at ZeroHedge.

ZeroHedge: 4Chan Slams Democrats with NPC Meme — Twitter Bans All Criticism of Democrats. Critically.

 (AP Photograph/Jose Luis Magana)

President Trump is doing a MAGA rally within the Phoenix space in the present day, my mail woman tells me. I want to go simply to really feel the power and see the crowds for myself, however I’m not. He additionally made a cease at Luke AFB to help Martha McSally and will later be heading to a hangar in an East Valley airport. Wow, a hangar. They might put his T-ness in a harness and have him swoop right down to the stage like Garth Brooks. Or Superman. Time to log off.   ~ BP