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Headlines and Updates for October 4: Power Plays Galore; Next—A Hat Trick? [videos]

Headlines and Updates for October 4: Power Plays Galore; Next—A Hat Trick? [videos]

I needed to start out off with a dialogue concerning the considerations a number of individuals within the alt media have expressed concerning the Presidential Wi-fi Emergency Alert check carried out yesterday on cellphones and televisions.

People are launching into worry mode over it and saying we should always have turned our telephones off yesterday as a result of it’s getting used for info gathering.

I feel it’s somewhat late for that, people. They know each little factor about us. There’s a big digital file on everybody on this planet, and they will determine us by way of our DNA and power signature, too. They pay attention, they watch, they acquire.

Turning off your telephone is like turning off your water the place it enters your home when it’s pouring and you’re being flooded out by rain and runoff. You’re holding these time bombs in your pockets and arms and in entrance of your faces for hours a day, surrounded by WiFi, understanding they will trigger most cancers and they’re monitoring your location and you’re afraid of a digital message? Perhaps I’m thick however I don’t perceive the hysteria.

It was a Presidential alert that QAnon advised us about—twice. Did Q warn us? Did he say we have to flip our telephones off? I assume POTUS and Q get the non-confidence vote over night time. What’s to be afraid of?

It seems like this specific Presidential alert is a brand new system and can ONLY be utilized by POTUS in an emergency. Maybe it can’t be hacked by the psychopaths. Trump just isn’t the shadow authorities, the cabal, a globalist and had nothing to do with what occurred in Texas, or Puerto Rico, or anyplace else. That’s the psychopaths—those being taken down as we converse.

Whereas not everybody could be shielded from the psychopaths eleventh hour schemes to harm us, they won’t be permitted to decimate large swaths of People.

On August 31st the President requested People to organize. When you did the whole lot you’ll be able to to organize for no matter may happen then you definitely’ve carried out your due diligence and can do nothing extra besides maybe be of help to these didn’t put together or who’ve been beneath assault.

What we DO have is a critical difficulty within the Carolinas proper now because of the man-made/engineered and steered Hurricane Florence.

We additionally know that a lot of the plans the sub-humans had for us haven’t unfolded. Many weapons—together with bioweapons—have been neutralized in order that they failed, and look! A lot to their chagrin we’re nonetheless right here. We weren’t imagined to be right here at this level—however we’re. There’s a purpose for that. We have now been protected as a lot as attainable and can’t run round like victims ready for the sky to fall.

We have now to maintain it collectively, individuals. Sure, that is struggle, and a few of us will probably be examined. We now have to maintain our wits about us and assist one another get via it. We need to be pleased with how we behaved when that is throughout.

We all know what the White Hats and patriots have in retailer for the criminals and they requested us to belief the Plan. “Watch”, Q stated. What—is Q chopped liver now? We’ve got to imagine they’re doing one of the best they will to deal with probably the most essential elements of the take-down first. The President’s life has been threatened a number of occasions.

We do understand there are some potential threats for localized areas. Final I heard (final night time), Hurricane Leslie, after stopping for tea and crumpets in the midst of the Atlantic, merely vanished from the fashions a couple of days after everybody stated she was an enormous pressure to be reckoned with and was going to make landfall on the japanese seaboard. Now they are saying she has Alzheimers and will wander away into the Atlantic, forgetting why she was there.

Whereas the televisions are saying Leslie’s a menace, maybe that’s their standard worry porn. Or, in the event that they carry the warning she might nonetheless arrive. After the Indonesian authorities did not warn their individuals of the tsunami, saying not one of the sensors on the buoys have been working, we now have to be our personal watchdogs, and have credible various media sources we belief.

After all of the threats about Rosa, we had some lovely rain and beautiful, dramatic clouds from that storm for a couple of days however she’s gone now and it’s sunny and heat. Extra rain is forecast for this weekend—and that’s an excellent factor, right here within the desert. There was just a little flooding within the metropolis however nothing we haven’t seen earlier than.

We have to take duty for our personal well-being. If you see a twister heading proper for you, it’s not the time to take a seat on the patio with a drink just because the twister alerts didn’t come out of your tv or your cellular phone. Simply be smart.

It doesn’t matter what occurs, put together, keep alert, keep your situational consciousness, and do what you must do to guard your self and your family members. In case you are in a position, assist others, notably youngsters, the disabled, and the aged.

We’re going to get by way of this. We’re not going to be marched off to FEMA camps, disarmed, and guillotined, because the psychopaths deliberate. Don’t go there.

Finally, THE FEMA CAMPS ARE FOR THEM. Sure, some people should go to FEMA camps for shelter—and they’ve. Some sort souls have opened their houses as a mattress and breakfast for stranded refugees after Florence hit.

Keep in mind the mirror impact? We’ll use every part they throw at us towards the psychopaths. They ready for their very own demise. Isn’t that wealthy? Guantanamo has been up to date, redecorated and even additions placed on—all for THEM.

Till the menace is gone, we hold our pals within the Carolinas in our ideas. There are precautions to take for biting and stinging bugs. Take these precautions as greatest you possibly can. DEET is the least of your worries used brief time period solely however Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent with 20% picaridin works properly for us. It’s colourless and odourless and DEET-free, created from the pepper plant.

Once I get bites or stings, I instantly apply a Montmorillonite clay paste which pulls the offending toxins out and takes the itch and swelling away, quick. Any facial clay masque would in all probability work.

Having stated that, IF these supersized mosquitoes have been armed with Zika or some other virus, I select to consider it has in all probability been neutralized, as comparable threats have up to now.

This text studies there isn’t a menace of illness:

The excellent news is that regardless of their monstrous measurement and painful bites, the breed that’s overrunning North Carolina—referred to as Psorophora ciliata, or gallinippers—are recognized predominantly as nuisance mosquitoes. “Those are not the kind that transmit pathogens causing disease in people,” stated Chris Barker, an skilled of mosquito-borne viruses at UC Davis. “These are often floodwater species whose eggs are in the soil when the hurricane arrives.” The eggs keep dormant close to ponds, streams, and different our bodies of water. When these areas flood, they hatch en masse.  Supply

Personally, I might assume the higher danger of illness would originate with the flooded pig and hen farms and the runoff from these areas tainting the water.

Maybe Thomas Williams could have a phrase concerning the mosquito menace on his present tonight. You possibly can pay attention right here, or right here. There must be some fascinating intel this week, hopefully together with on the monetary state of affairs and the way it’s being managed; 7:30 EDT, four:30 Pacific on the Fact, Honor & Integrity Present.

I’m not conversant in this vlogger and don’t understand how a lot of that is fact or hype. The terminology within the article they use is clearly used to alarm individuals—and they acknowledge that. The media would love for us to be afraid of every little thing, on a regular basis. Use your personal discernment.

One thing MONSTROUS Is Taking Place IN North Carolina!


Now for the excellent news.

Wow. By no means thoughts the mosquitoes—this can be a sting like no different.

In truth, I might enterprise to say that is 5D chess, and based mostly on the diploma of confidence Q had concerning the Kavanaugh affirmation, we knew it needed to be one thing of this magnitude as the last word plan. Superb, Dave. Thanks for your perspective. It needed to be one thing that was going to work out extremely in favour of the Patriots. There are such a lot of good actors giving Grammy-winning performances. Can’t wait for the awards ceremony.

Q reminds us that when the deep state gamers know some very dangerous information is about to return out about them, they freak out and pull off a false flag occasion of some sort; an Arkancide, a aircraft crash, a capturing, an assassination try on the President… decide one thing from their playbook. They repeat the identical ones time and time once more. Q warns us to be cautious as a result of nothing is out of bounds for them at this level. They’re deranged.

Q breadcrumbs are right here and there are many new ones. Refresh the web page for the newest updates.

It’s wanting good for the Kavanaugh affirmation vote.

New FBI Report Clears Kavanaugh?

‘Absolutely nothing’ to show claims towards Kavanaugh, affirmation to proceed – Senate GOP (LIVE)

Sure—we KNEW this was coming. We ALL knew that no matter Trump did to pacify the freakazoids it will by no means be sufficient.

HERE WE GO=> Dianne Feinstein Suggests FBI Probe of Brett Kavanaugh Not Credible

You don’t should pay unlawful aliens almost as a lot to do your soiled work. They don’t give a rattling about America. Deport them!

Oops! Ocasio-Cortez By accident Proclaims Soros-Activist Who Confronted Flake in Elevator is ILLEGAL ALIEN

The brand new administration actually must take Massive Tech to process. They’re out of order and have to be managed. They’re equally as a lot an enemy of the Individuals and the present administration in America because the legacy media is.

BOOM! Trump Admin Simply COMMANDED GOOGLE To The White Home – It’s About to Go DOWN!

AIM4Truth uploaded an ideal video the opposite day about Berners-Lee and the Web and Robert David Steele simply revealed an article about it from Berto Jongman. I say this can be a MUST LISTEN: brief (17 min.) video. Douglas is fairly scorching beneath the collar about this newest “CIA propaganda” and Michael McKibben reveals absolutely the absurdity about this very well timed lie from Huge Tech and the digital demon Eric Schmidt.

Douglas Gabriel & Michael McKibben: Tim Berners-Lee, Pretend Web, CIA, CERN, and Extra…


Dustin Nemos brings us updates on a lot of points, together with the arrest of the “ricin guy”.

10.four.18- Capturing, Doxxer Arrested, Ricin Man Arrested, Kavanaugh Cleared & Shifting to Vote. ?Crash?


Right here’s an replace from my favorite climate nut, Thor. He’s awake and conscious, and believes we have to hold our sense of humour. I agree.

He’s reporting that each one the fashions that stated Leslie was headed west have now modified their tune and say she’ll be headed out to sea with out making landfall in America. Do you belief the fashions? Sure, we now have very highly effective individuals utilizing energies and vibrations to interrupt up storms, and intentions may be very highly effective too. Keep tuned, and by no means let your guard down.


You want levity? Take a look at James Corbett’s model of satire in one other propaganda watch.

Lockheed Martin Are [email protected]%&ing Idiots


Lively and conscious individuals are quickly going to cease the 5G menace and the associated prices—I hope. Thanks, L.

Cities will sue FCC to cease $2 billion giveaway to wi-fi carriers

For those who’re not conscious of the complete 5G considerations, it’s weaponized know-how, as defined on this article under—-and they know precisely what they’re making an attempt to roll out. In the event that they didn’t, they wouldn’t lie about it and attempt to roll it out with out saying something to the general public—like they did with SMART meters. It’s one other “secret weapon” they’ve used taxpayer dollars to develop and set up.

When individuals ask in the event that they’ve finished research to look at the consequences of this know-how of People, pets, the surroundings they often say they haven’t. Truly, they’ve. It’s a part of their analysis however they will’t present us their documentation as a result of it exposes 5G because the deadly weapon it’s, if used the best way they plan. It might ostensibly be used for good, however the globalists weaponize the whole lot. They only can’t assist themselves—and that’s why they need to go!

EMF Frequencies Used For Crowd Management Weapons Type The Basis of 5G Community