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Headlines and Updates for September 4, 2018: The Illusion is Crumbling [videos]

Headlines and Updates for September 4, 2018: The Illusion is Crumbling [videos]

It’s All Concerning the Illusion

I’ve no want to evangelise to the choir, however we have to put info on the market for the correct individuals to seek out, so learn or not, however share for those who see worth.

Pretend Information is Alive and Properly in America—Or Is It?

A pattern of the Thoughts Kontrol Media programming; official, nationally-delivered script included. They are saying all of the issues individuals need to hear and the plenty consider them. Every thing’s okay, no worries, now return to sleep.

And too many people are solely too keen to try this. They don’t need to should DO something concerning the horrific world they stay in and fortunately flip over the duty to run the whole lot to another person who tells them they’re on their aspect.

“Thank you for watching and we appreciate your feedback.”

I do know they wouldn’t recognize MY suggestions.

We frequently hear now that extra and extra individuals are realizing that the company media is simply the propaganda arm of the shadow authorities, and that may proceed, notably if we proceed to teach.

This is the script, which is posted under unedited and in its entirety:

“Hello, I’m(A) ____________, and I’m (B) _________________…

(B) Our biggest duty is to serve our _________________ communities. We’re extraordinarily pleased with the standard, balanced journalism that _________________ Information produces.

(A) However we’re involved concerning the troubling development of irresponsible, one sided information tales plaguing our nation. The sharing of biased and false information has grow to be all too widespread on social media.

(B) Extra alarming, some media retailers publish these similar pretend tales… tales that simply aren’t true, with out checking details first.

(A) Sadly, some members of the media use their platforms to push their very own private bias and agenda to regulate ‘exactly what people think’…This is extraordinarily harmful to a democracy.

(B) At _________________ it’s our duty to pursue and report the reality. We perceive Fact is neither politically ‘left nor right.’ Our dedication to factual reporting is the inspiration of our credibility, now greater than ever.

(A) However we’re human and typically our reporting may fall brief. For those who consider our protection is unfair please attain out to us by going to and clicking on CONTENT CONCERNS. We worth your feedback. We’ll reply again to you.

(B) We work very onerous to hunt the reality and attempt to be truthful, balanced and factual… We think about it our honor, our privilege to responsibly ship the information day by day.

(A) Thanks for watching and we respect your suggestions”


These two guys make numerous sense, and I feel logically outline many techniques the media makes use of within the large deception most individuals live in in the event that they haven’t stopped to query something. This is brief and candy however ought to be required studying for us all.


When you recall, SerialBrain2 advised us that from the knowledge coming from POTUS and QAnon, we all know a technique is underway and it’s not the way it seems to be. The NWO aren’t the one ones who can create illusions. To win this conflict, the Patriots need to be masters of deception to beat the liars at their very own recreation. The time period “3-D chess” is very applicable.

The decodes advised that whereas President Trump continues to bash Jeff Periods and recommend he is weak and doing nothing, and that Trump is the identical for letting him, they’re truly enjoying proper into the tiny minds of the deep state.

The lamestream media are fixated now on convincing the plenty that Jeff Periods was legitimately tasked with heading up the Division of Justice and they so need him to remain. It’s solely proper!

Did the plan work? It’s wanting that method. I feel they took the bait. Quickly I feel we’ll study simply what Periods has been as much as all this time.


One thing BIG is Coming! We will FEEL it!

(trace: it includes a lot of clowns)

Dave on the X22 Report interviewed “V” of Rogue Information and I consider he lends a substantial amount of perspective to the present geopolitical state of affairs, the monetary “event” we consider is on the best way this yr, and extra. “V” retains it mild and it’s great things.

I agree that every thing is pointing to a “big event” or a number of occasions within the close to future that may rock our world. An “October surprise” might be monetary, however since the whole lot is intertwined, it can in all probability contain a number of elements of life and liberty. It might imply the remainder of this yr is a curler coaster. I feel it’s protected to say an entire slew of People are about to be shoved unceremoniously away from bed. The woke up ones have run out of endurance.

If what is coming is largely confined to the USA, the reverberations will nonetheless resonate throughout the planet as a result of we’re all related and because of the Web and social media/alt media, regardless of the place we reside we’ve brothers and sisters in all places. They’re all watching America with nice curiosity to see what is going to occur subsequent.

The present state of affairs, notably the monetary area, is an phantasm, and that is essential as a result of most People do not know what has occurred to their nation, or how. The phantasm have to be maintained to a sure level till the grand plan might be revealed. The good guys perceive Human psychology and that they should ship the dangerous information with some actually excellent news to take the sting out of the surprising stuff.

The greatest tack is to be a Boy Scout and “be prepared”—for ANYTHING.

Shattering the Illusion for Bullies

Keep in mind the bully who ripped off a MAGA hat together with some hair from a sixteen-year-old boy at a burger joint and then threw the boy’s drink in his face? Properly, a grand jury despatched the message that bullying and brutality won’t be tolerated. Anybody missing the self-control required to reside amongst free-thinking individuals will imply they discover themselves in scorching water. Appears good on ‘im.


Satanism is Discovering a Foothold in American Faculty Packages

Most of us haven’t any illusions about Satanism, however the Satanists are going out of their method to deliver their devil-worshipping beliefs into faculties to indoctrinate youngsters. They thought that by presenting this “alternative” brazenly as a extra-interest faculty program, it will appear benign. They deny “satanism” is a “faith—like that makes it okay.

What is occurring is that silly individuals who consider the crap spoon fed to the plenty that we must be open-minded and non-judgmental about others and their beliefs if we need to be truthful, are even turning on individuals who reveal the reality of Satanism. In impact, the sheep are doing the policing; making an attempt to “shame” the remainder of us into relenting and accepting something and every little thing with out analysis or important considering.

There is no reasoning with these brainwashed sheep. Satanism is the other of Christianity—and I’m not spiritual in any respect. It’s paying homage to Devil—who was the enemy of Christ, should you consider the bible.

Satanism is not an “alternative belief system” any greater than pedophilia is an “alternative lifestyle”.

The message that we should always not complain about Muslim immigrants who rape ladies, begin lots of of automotive fires in Sweden, train youngsters to shoot weapons and perform future faculty shootings, or individuals who need to worship Devil or we’re racists or_________, is truly taken critically by some individuals. There is a critical lack of important considering.

The New World Order are doing no matter they will to divide individuals and we do want to comprehend that the terrorists they import to wreck our society and create hatred is a really actual plot. That is to not say all Muslims are terrorists. We’ve to be smart about it and understand the agenda. A terrorist is a terrorist; a rapist is a rapist; a assassin is a assassin regardless of their faith, race or creed.

We don’t have to permit terrorists to assault us and destroy our property, and we don’t have to permit Satanists to deprave our youngsters. It doesn’t make us illiberal or dangerous individuals.

The unlucky factor concerning the New World Order is, they tip-toe round till somebody opens the door a crack, and then once they have their foot within the door, they intestine the home. Concentrate, individuals. They’ve already gutted your White Home, and Trump, thankfully, is draining the swamp and evicting them. Don’t make his job more durable or extra harmful than it already is.

The psychopaths are expert at dressing one thing as much as look and sound actually good. Subsequent the Computer virus spills its guts and it’s then too late. Be proactive and cease the enemy—don’t allow them to in!


Psychopathic Bunny Artwork In Our Faces

After Q pointed to the Podesta “bunny art” I visited the web site Alex Podesta freely exposes on-line. It’s a “dot org”. Unbelievable. Need to donate? Volunteer?

Disturbing, is placing it mildly. If you see the picture of a kid’s face on the ground like a masks as portrayed in a single picture I noticed—after listening to that Hitlary Clinton and Huma Abedin filleted the face off a younger woman and wore it over their very own to terrorize her and induce the adrenaline and different fight-or-flight hormones to flood her physique, it’s evident these individuals are past sick.

Nevertheless, a notable factor I picked up from Linda’s video is the truth that our search habits on the Web have been drastically improved! This is incredible information, my pals. People who find themselves waking up and making an attempt to analysis a number of the virtually unbelievable issues they’re seeing and listening to referenced on social media and various information websites may have the ability to truly discover some fact.

These truths will counteract the knowledge the media lies about and assist to shatter the phantasm. Higher but, once we inform them to not take our phrase for it and to do their very own analysis, they will extra readily do this.

Linda has some nice memes within the opening montage of her video, will get into some private stuff, and then picks up once more on the Q drops and bunny artwork sicko stuff across the 12 minute mark.


Wouldn’t it be protected to say somebody doesn’t need WikiLeaks sharing extra fact and shattering a rigorously crafted phantasm?

How many individuals over the many years have been suicided, disappeared, Arkancided, erased… to maintain the secrets and techniques of the psychopaths? I’m wondering about that typically.


Those that discover gematria fascinating might discover the next prediction verified. A few guys on the Web who do numerous gematria work inform us they consider George HW Bush Sr. will die in the present day. A lot of their previous predictions have been correct, however we will see what unfolds immediately, September four, 2018.


Consistent with the “death and illusion” theme, right here’s some intel on the No-Identify McNasty dying from our good friend Daniel John in Juneau, Alaska. He has insiders who feed him info and he passes it on to us. It resonates, so I’m sharing.

I feel it’s clear that lots of thought and technique has gone into how the White Hats would clear up Washington and we have to belief them to ship us from evil within the methods they really feel is most becoming—and protected—for everybody concerned, whether or not we agree or not.

Principally, they inform us, “You can’t handle the truth!” (Not us, the woke up patriots, however individuals normally. You understand those.)

Personally, I consider the entire fact about completely every thing shall be advised ultimately as a result of we have to know to completely heal and forestall something like this ever occurring in our civilization once more.

No extra offers? I positive hope not. I don’t like negotiating with terrorists.  ~ BP


Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tells us they refuse to inform us if Hitlary Clinton nonetheless has her safety clearance. That just about provides us our reply, doesn’t it? Or would the revelation jeopardize the technique of the White Hats?