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How To Write An Epic Fantasy Novel

Writing an epic fantasy novel may look like a simple activity. Some individuals may assume “yeah I have a great imagination, I can do that.” Properly its not that straightforward. Yeah, little question you’ve got an excellent creativeness and I don’t underestimate your capability to create an awesome world. Nevertheless, when it comes down to truly writing down an epic fantasy, placing it on the web page and writing the story in a method that appeals to individuals that’s entire totally different story.

From Lord of the Rings, to Recreation of Thrones to Harry Potter(Potter is an urban fantasy). Once you start creating a fantasy world it might sound straightforward since you are creating every thing from scratch and take concepts from other artistic endeavors nevertheless, as you continue on to create this world and all its history, it begins to develop into increasingly more complicated. It’s straightforward to lose monitor of the story and what happened ten thousand years in the past to the evil villain of your story. Even George RR Martin loses monitor of his personal story typically and has to improvise.

Though I’m not a bestseller, take it from a guy that has read tons of epic fantasy novels and has written epic fantasy books  and bought them, I do know what it takes and the structure wanted to put in writing a very good epic fantasy. I personally maintain a whole pocket book of the world I construct. The magic system, the races, the history of the world and all its nations, languages and character profiles.

Creating an epic fantasy world its no joke and its onerous world. Tolkien and George RR Martin may make it appear straightforward however belief me, info and details begin to pile up and shortly you forgot how the primary character of your story was suppose to get his magic.

Some fantasy writers create their own languages like how Tolkien create the language for the elves. Personally I have created languages and a whole alphabet for my elf race. It’s also tempting to take concepts and even copy from different artistic endeavors. You’ve gotten in all probability learn some fantasy books that really feel like they took concepts from Tolkien and George RR Martin. David Dalglish admits to this.

So anyhow, with out additional to do  let me present you the way to write an epic fantasy novel.

You will want a model new notebook and a pen or pencil. Ensure you have an empty notebook in your new world.

Be an architect not a gardener

There are huge arguments in relation to which path of writing to take however for epic fantasy and the way giant it may be, it’s better to go together with the trail of the architect. George RR Martin says that there are two forms of writers. The architect and the gardener. The architect creates a blue print for the building and what it needs and the place all the rooms are going to be. The gardener crops a seed, waters it, then watches it develop.

George RR Martin is the gardener sort and that’s precisely why he takes hundreds of thousands of years to complete his books. He improvises and takes his sweet time to put in writing A Music of Ice and Hearth. The collection was going to be a trilogy but then as he stored writing he decided that it would have to be seven books.

That is the means of the gardener and belief me once I say, when writing epic fantasy it is higher to be an architect. Some worlds develop into so large that you simply overlook issues and lose monitor and then the inconsistency reflects in your writing. Plan out all the things first. The magic system, the world, the races, the characters, the places, the history, the languages and no matter else your world needs. If not, then watch as you’ll be scratching your head wondering “umm, wait! this is not making much sense now.”

Create the magic system first and the supply of magic

If there’s magic in your story(which I assume there might be. Not much of an epic fantasy without magic) then you will have to clarify how the characters can forged it. Now some writers may wish to make it a thriller nevertheless, you must reveal or give a touch as to where they are drawing their power. The moon, the solar, (Like in Avatar The Last Airbender). Do they draw power from nature. If its dark magic, does it only work at night time.

Its necessary to create the magic system first(However its okay if you want to create the world map first) as a result of that may hyperlink so much of the world together. Especially if you end up explaining the source of magic, that itself will then hyperlink to the characters in addition to the history of the story.

Create the world second

By the world I imply the world map. In fantasy it often takes place in a medieval setting in order that they don’t know if the world its spherical, flat or a cube. Make the world map first. Draw it out, you don’t need to be knowledgeable artist. You need to have an image of the world in your thoughts as to the place the characters are going to go. Even when you change it afterward you continue to need to have an image of it.

Hyperlink the magic system with the world’s historical past

Whether or not if its Narinia or Middle Earth, you might have seen how the magic system all the time deals with the historical past of that world itself. Whoever created magic in your world will affect the plenty. If in case you have ever played Remaining Fantasy you will notice this as nicely. In Recreation of Thrones the White Walkers have been destroyed by the very factor that created them.

What kind of gods does your world have or does it want gods?

Most epic fantasy’s worlds have gods and goddesses. Recreation of Thrones, Middle Earth and Last Fantasy games as properly. Typically, the gods in your world are part of the magic system and it may be a driving drive on your characters. Some characters could be highly influenced by the gods or they might be very spiritual that they might do anything for his or her Messiah.

Having a pantheon very similar to the Greek gods  provides your world more dept and history. Take a look at human history itself. Humans have killed in the identify of god. So gods may be both good or evil. All the time use real world instance after which base your gods on what your world wants. Additionally take into account that we never need to see the gods, we simply need to know their identify and their energy. I do know that in fantasy films, particularly those based mostly on Greek Mythology, like to point out the gods in human type, nicely it doesn’t should be like that method. Typically the gods are just there watching people and their foolishness. The gods might converse to the individuals by means of statues, magical crystals or simply voices and even ship messengers. We don’t should see the gods however your writing should make the readers really feel that the gods are very present by the best way the character discuss them and the actions they take.

Having a pantheon also helps you create  a faith in your world. And again the gods may be good or evil and there could be multiple religions or perhaps no religion in any respect. Perhaps the gods is just one thing that folks consider in just like the Native People however there doesn’t should be a faith perhaps there are just religious practices.

Hold this in thoughts

Create the languages and totally different races of people

Now creating totally different races of people is fun. Elves, dwarves, Klingons, Ents, Ogres, Hybrid humans, Cat individuals, Canine individuals. In Netflix’s Dragon Prince there’s a race referred to as the moon elves that have ram horns on their heads. It makes the story actually enjoyable. Nevertheless, on the subject of creating languages, you’re simply giving your self extra work. No in the event you like challenges like me, you’ll take pleasure in creating languages but ask your self, does this story want a second language.

If your characters are traveling across the the world, then they could encounter a unique tradition and totally different language. Typically this is needed. That is why I hold a separate notebook with all the small print of the world I created.  For James Cameron’s Avatar, they needed to rent a person that might create a whole language for the film.

Its not that it is troublesome however slightly, it is time consuming. In my story I created three totally different language. This will make your world stand out and really feel more actual however additionally it is more brain processing for the reader. Some may take pleasure in it and a few won’t.

Create the creatures that your character will encounter and their historical past

This is a part of the process of creating a new race of individuals. Creating your personal mystical creatures or hybrids(like they did in Avatar The Last Airbender). You must assume, how typically do these creatures show up and why. How widespread are the creatures and do they have powers or special talents. For example: In one of the novels I’m working on, a standard animal is a canine sparrow. As you possibly can in all probability guess, it is a dog with wings and it is extremely widespread in cities and villages.

In the event you create new races of individuals and creatures you also need to assume, how are they part of the historical past of the world you’re creating and how have they participate on the planet and the way is their culture or way of life totally different from others.

Create the places on your world map

The more details you might have, the better you possibly can tell your story. You have to know, where the castles are, where the mountains are, where the forest are, the place the roads are. You need a map of the place your characters are going. I’m positive you could have seen that many fantasy novels have a map originally of the guide. Even Indie authors have their maps on their books or present a link to their website where readers can see the map.

Think about writing a story without understanding where the kingdoms, cities or towns are situated. For this reason if you find yourself writing epic fantasy you need a construction, it’s a must to be an architect. Recreation of Thrones is just not solely recognized for its tragic demise of characters but in addition for its map. The intro music of Recreation of Thrones exhibits the map the place Kings touchdown is, where Winter Fell is situated. Its essential that you realize where every part to sound professional and like you realize what you’re speaking about

Readers know when the writer’s coronary heart just isn’t into it.

Create limitations on your magic system

So you created you world map, you bought a magic system, you created some races in your world and its historical past. Now we simply should created limitations. With regards to the magic system it’s straightforward to create a character that’s over powered. Very similar to Dragon Ball Z the place the facility ranges maintain rising and the opposite supporting characters develop into so insignificant to the story.

Creating a restrict to you magic system helps stability your world in order that it is sensible and never all characters can grow to be tremendous powerful. Take Harry Potter for instance. Its takes years and years of faculty to turn out to be a ok wizard. Harry Potter started faculty at the age of twelve.

You also should determine what it takes to study magic, who can forged magic? Can anybody study it? And as soon as it is discovered, how highly effective is it precisely? Can anyone shoot a fireplace ball from their arms.

That’s the reason it is good to create a variety of warriors and magic users. You don’t want everyone to know magic. That may be a mistake I made. Additionally because magic may be so vast an powerful you will want to create a weak spot for magic users in order that people who can’t use magic will stand an opportunity towards people who do use magic.

Its all about  stability.

In certainly one of my upcoming tales there is a mineral referred to as Zytocrine. Mages are weak towards it and it distorts their third eye in order that they cant use magic.

Hold that in mind and you’ll do wonderful.

What’s the dominant drive of your world?

In all worlds there is a dominant drive. On the earth of Naruto Ninja’s are the last word energy. In Lord of the Rings, the golden ring provides nice power and Gandalf is among the few wizards in Middle Earth. In Harry Potter the dominant drive are wizards whereas Muggles are the weak ones.

Do Kings rule over the land, is there a tyrant that owns every thing. Are wizards the last word power. Is magic rare and everyone seems to be making an attempt to get their arms on it.

Think about the dominant pressure in your world. What’s everybody making an attempt to get their arms on. In Recreation of Thrones, everyone is preventing over the iron Throne as a result of its all about energy.

Are dragons the last word power in your world or are they the last word enemy.

Its not a simple query to answer but it can assist create an amazing world in your story.

It doesn’t should be based mostly off medieval occasions.

I do know that many epic fantasy books are based mostly off medieval occasions nevertheless, it doesn’t should be this manner. Check out the Darkish Crystal. Its one thing utterly totally different from what we have now seen earlier than. It is so unique its onerous to match it to anything. Take a look at Avatar the Last Airbender, positive it’s based mostly off Asian cultures nevertheless it has its own uniqueness to it.

That is a part of being a artistic individual. I am just encouraging it however in the event you plan in any other case then awesome. You’re the artist.

Make character profiles with stats like a video game

This is fun. I wish to make character profiles. It helps me keep in mind essential things concerning the character. You don’t have to do that for all of the characters but make a profile for the primary characters and the villain. A personality profile helps you to be consistent together with your characters and your story. Making sure that your character doesn’t contradict themselves. For instance:

Character profile

Identify:  Arkemie Raivu

Age: 23

Character: INFJ

Start Place: The Ichor Tree In Abilandian Desert

Time of Delivery: First Month of Summer time

Weapon: Shadofang

Favorite food: Goat Cheese, Hen Squirrel Jerky

Magic: Hearth, Lightning, Shadow, Astro (Teleport and port), Vydalin sensory,

Summon: Fenroar(Horned Wolf)

As you possibly can see all this info helps hold monitor of the character. Especially understanding that he’s an INTJ helps you understand how he makes selections. Is he more logical or extra emotional. Is he extra more likely to calculate or be extra reckless. So make character profiles to assist arrange your ideas and your world.

What is the function of your character and what’s his or her motivation?

The perfect stories ever written all the time includes a character with a function. Not just an adventure or coming of age however a objective. Something that he longs for or a aim that he  is making an attempt to realize. A calling, a which means in life.

Think about individuals in the actual world. Most individuals don’t know what they need in life. So create a character with a objective. Epic Fantasy taps into that religious part of us so we are lured by a snarky character that is aware of his function in life. Perhaps the primary character doesn’t know what he needs but then he figures it out within the first guide of the story.

Together with the characters function you even have to think about what is his or her motivation. What’s the fundamental motivation of a character? What triggered their journey in the first place. You heard concerning the hero’s journey. Nicely it needs to be triggered by one thing.

Did he lose something or someone? Was his village burned down? Is he making an attempt to unravel a mystery and in that case why is he making an attempt to unravel it and what is going to he achieve from it.

What’s the objective of the primary villain and what’s his or her motivation?

Villains have changed because the early days of story telling when the primary villain needed to take over the world for no obvious cause. Now a days villains have a deeper motivation. Take a look at Thanos from Avengers Infinity Warfare. He believed so strongly in his objective to wipe out half the population of species within the universe that he even sacrifices his personal daughter.

Your villains needs to be reverse reflection of your character. Like Killmonger and the Black Panther. Polar opposites. They both should have a function and have to be driven by one thing that may then lead to their last battle. Like Cloud and Sephiroth from Remaining Fantasy 7.

What prompted your villain to do what he is doing at present? This all the time takes some psychology. Take a look at some of at this time’s criminals. One of the criminals that I like to take a look at was  some child from California referred to as Elliot Rodgers who appeared to have a mean good life however he determined to shoot up a faculty campus as a result of no women would date him. I imply there are lots of males who have hassle discovering a girlfriend however they don’t go around killing individuals now do they. Nevertheless, Elliot Rogers decided to go the evil route. I’m positive there’s a lot more to Elliot Rodgers story in California but the concept here is, take into consideration your villains motives. There is a purpose for his actions.

Criminals had an awful life growing up they usually dealt with it with negativity while others whom had an identical life decided to take the constructive path.

Some psychology will make it easier to create characters. Take a look at Myer Briggs 16 Personalities click on here.

Have the beginning, the center and the top of the story in thoughts?

As soon as once more, be an architect, not a gardener. You need to plan your story from the beginning to the top. Its ok for those who change things afterward but for probably the most half you need to have a good suggestion of how the story goes to go.

If you want to write professionally then it is higher to be an architect. But if its a interest and also you wish to mess around and see the place issues go then I assume be a gardener. If you want to write professionally it’s a must to understand that you’ll have deadlines and and different issues to do on prime of writing. That is why you need to plan all the things out.

After you have the start, the center and how the story will finish then you’ll be able to fill in the blanks with the remainder of the story.

At first the characters are trying to find out what to do. Within the center they’ve a good suggestion of what to do and what’s going on and a solution to the problem. Then in the direction of the top  is the climax once we attain the result, the results of all the story.

Putting all of it together

So at first of this text I recommend that you simply get an empty pocket book and pen or pencil. Now that we’ve created our world, have our magic system, have the characters, essential character and villains. We’ve got the totally different races of people and we’ve the map and the pantheon of gods and the religions established. We all know how our story is going to start out, what occurs within the center and the way is going to finish.

Now that we created the world we will begin outlining the precise story.

That was lots of work proper. And other people assume writing epic fantasy is straightforward. Gimmie a break!

So what you will do now’s you will write summaries for every chapter of your novel. Example:

~Chapter four: Blood of Arkemie~

* Arkemie goes to go to and previous pal in Aemoros, his previous good friend Majin.

* Majin provides Arkemie an previous relic of 10 years ago once they first met

*Majin reminds Arkemie of their first battle once they have been rivals.

*After receiving the relic from Majin, Arkemie exits the hut and returns to his journey. Arkemie plans to seek out his blood father from a decade in the past and have him take away the curse mark on his arm.

*Arkemie summons his Twilem creature, Fenroar. Sits astride on the wold and gallops in the wilderness

*He plans to visit the ichor tree the place was born, hoping to seek out a few of his blood siblings of the tree. Though it was lengthy gone, its vestige remains.

*Alongside the best way, the curse on his burns his body and the dark dragon speaks to him. It all the time speaks to him when he’s alone.

As you possibly can see above. I’m not writing your complete story, I’m simply writing down a summary of what will occur in this chapter. This is how you need to lay down the story first. Creating an overview to work from so whenever you truly start writing you’ll be more assured as to what to put in writing(as an alternative of taking six months to put in writing three chapters like George RR Martin).

Do that for each chapter and then you can start writing a novel. I created this course of as a result of once I first began writing I might get stuck in certain elements of my books and then I would have to cease and think of what would happen next. To forestall that from occurring the key here is to plan. Write summaries of each chapter in order that the writing process will a lot smoother and you should use you creativeness to fill in the blanks of the story with the define and the rest of the small print that we had created earlier. And this is the half when you ought to be a gardener, when you’re filling within the blanks.

And that is how you get started on writing a fantasy novel.
Keep in mind, be an architect.