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The Man Who Could Start World War III – Dave Hodges

The Man Who Could Start World War III - Dave Hodges

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I’ve been fortunate sufficient to be able to have spherical-desk sort discussions with each civilian intelligence and army intelligence operatives, each previous and current. With out self-indulgent bragging, I can state that I’ve developed a status for shielding sources and precisely reporting what I’m led to find. Due to that, I appeal to extra sources which provides to the arrogance I’ve in bringing forth crucial info. This text is a mixture of intelligence group info and the outcomes of my very own analysis.

For the document, I need to state that I’ve by no means been knowingly been given info that was categorised. Nevertheless, since an estimated 80% of all intelligence info is open supply, I’ve been directed on the place to search for important info. And when “several” direct me to take a look at totally different information that unmistakably draw the identical conclusion,

There are various good women and men who faithfully serve their nation contained in the nation’s  intelligence group. They’re loyal, patriotic and would give their lives in protection of their nation. Nevertheless, in the event that they serve lengthy sufficient, they uncover the “Deep State” agenda which is designed to make use of these businesses (eg CIA) with a view to additional the objectives of the globalists which can culminate in a New World Order consisting of a one-world-authorities and a one-world financial-system. It’s from the properly-spring of those devoted those that journalists resembling myself are given info in an effort to alert the individuals in an try and cease or at the least decelerate the encroachment of globalist impressed tyranny directed on the individuals of America.

US intelligence businesses lie. They lie about their lies. Their stories, when mandated by Congressional oversight, are full of errors and naturally, lies upon lies. Traditionally, Robert Mueller is one among these liars.

At the moment, Mueller’s whole mission is to maintain Putin and Trump aside. Mueller works for globalist pursuits that don’t need a nationalist-oriented Russia combining forces with a globalist-oriented American President with the mutual aim of opposing globalist pursuits. Each intelligence company has a vested curiosity, together with the FBI, to maintain Russia and America aside. Officers and company administrators, each previous and current, might go to jail as a result of they’re all responsible of treason and sedition. It has been this manner for a very long time and the 2016 election has nothing to do with the genesis of this globalist aim to maintain Putin and Trump aside. A  Russian-American alliance is the key nightmare of each globalist and has been for a very long time. How far again does this go? President Kennedy’s “Secret Societies speech” stated all of it.

The JFK speech is now often known as his well-known “Secret Society” speech. JFK was the primary and the one President to ever determine the globalists because the enemy of America and humanity as an entire. For a person in his place, JFK was stunningly detailed in calling out the globalists of his day. JFK referred to as out the New World Order in 1961.

1. Media censorship: “I have no intention of establishing a new Office of War Information to govern the flow of news. I am not suggesting any new forms of censorship or any new types of security classifications”.

2. The rising dominance of the globalists: “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we’re as a individuals inherently and traditionally against secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We determined way back that the risks of extreme and unwarranted concealment of pertinent details far outweighed the risks that are cited to justify it. …Our lifestyle is beneath assault. Those that make themselves our enemy are advancing across the globe. The survival of our pals is in peril. And but no conflict has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired”.

three. Figuring out the globalists– “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations”. This paragraph represents who Robert Mueller serves.

Some individuals believed that JFK was speaking concerning the Soviets. Nevertheless, the Soviets didn’t management our media which was the main target of his speech to a gaggle of newspaper editors. The Soviets have been recognized to the general public, they weren’t a “secret society”. There isn’t a query, he was speaking concerning the globalists of his day. JFK was speaking about media censorship in 1961. That is precisely what Trump is coping with at this time via the social media the place most individuals now get their information.

In 1961, these have been preventing phrases as a result of the general public had by no means heard of such issues. Within the two weeks following the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the globalists knew that they had an enemy within the White Home and if he couldn’t be unelected, he must be handled. Is that this why Trump appears to be quake in his boots relating to imposing federal regulation on organizations like Google and Fb once they violate open discussion board legal guidelines by exercising censorship when it’s unlawful to take action underneath anti-belief laws and open discussion board legal guidelines.

Media management is paramount to giving anesthesia to an American inhabitants who may get up, in totality, and oppose globalism in full public view. The globalists largely try to remain within the shadows by controlling the media. Trump refuses to go the place JFK went. Mueller serves these pursuits and if he have been professionally lively in 1963, he would have been a collaborator, both an lively participant or an confederate after the very fact, within the homicide of JFK.


The extra issues change, the extra they keep the identical!

Mueller was a serious participant and contributor to the Federal Reserve’s objective of protecting the world locked into the unique use of the Petrodollar by which all the nations of the world, needing to purchase oil, should first buy a Federal Reserve Notice so as to full the oil transaction in dollars. The use of the Petrodollar scheme was the brainchild of 1940’s globalists, led by Rockefeller and Rothschild through which a plan was devised to drive each developed and creating nation to hitch central banking and drag their residents into consequential debt enslavement of the nations of the world. This enables authorities to regulate the internal workings of each main authorities on the planet. No less than it did till lately when the inevitable spirit of freedom and self-willpower reared its head by way of a collection of populist actions across the planet. And this motion, was led by Donald Trump’s examples.

Enter Robert Mueller, he’s a key centerpiece within the globalists warfare on populism and self-governance. Most aren’t conscious of his position within the globalist regime and this text goes to show his position.

Saddam Hussein and Robert Mueller as soon as crossed paths. In one of the egregious examples of imperialism American historical past, Robert Mueller, in congressional testimony, said that he unequivocally that he personally endorsed claims about Iraqi WMDs and warned that Saddam Hussein would provide chemical and organic materials to terrorists. Muller’s testimony was key in convincing Congress to go together with lies being informed by the Bush administration about Iraq and the notorious Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”. Many years later, the weapons of mass destruction have by no means been discovered.

Mueller’s testimony was key to launching a warfare that might kill a mess of individuals and subjugate the individuals of Iraq. Finally, due to the complicity of McCain and Clinton, ISIS can be born out of this battle and the 24/7/365 excuse of terrorism getting used because the justification to invade nations on behalf of grasping bankers and firms can be allowed to proceed unabated.

On the finish of the day, what was Mueller’s mission? His mission was to serve the aim of the globalists and to realize management over the Center East oil provides. This might be the important thing to the globalists controlling the economies of each trendy nation. His mission was profitable. Within the interval following Iraq’s capitulation, BP and Exxon managed 80% of all Iraqi oil. No one approved this by means of an act of Congress. George W. Bush acted unilaterally to make this occur and Mueller was a catalyst in furthering US imperialism of the worst diploma.

Management of Center Japanese oil additionally served one other function. It prevented Russia at the moment, to turn out to be power unbiased. Power independence is the important thing to political and financial independence from globalist pursuits. Putin launched into a mission to realize independence. To a big extent, Russia is now power unbiased they usually management the lion’s share of pure fuel and residential heating oil for a lot of Europe. That is unacceptable to the globalists. Russia have to be stopped and the wars within the Center East, for a time, completed this aim.

Mueller has discovered many roles during which he turns into the helpful fool of the Deep State and their globalist puppet masters. In July of 2017, I revealed irrefutable, double-sourced proof of Mueller’s complicity of delivering excessive enriched uranium to the Russians, on behalf of the Clinton Basis, in 2009. At the moment, he was the FBI director (treason and malfeasance of workplace) and he was working on the behest of the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (treason and malfeasance of workplace). What do you assume a number of the 33,000 unlawful emails include when it comes to content material on this space. Why did the Awan brothers get employed to “bleach” most of the emails?  Keep in mind their employer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the top of the DNC at the moment. Keep in mind, Seth Wealthy was murdered for leaking related materials to Wikileaks.  Oh my, it’s raining coincidences isn’t it? Sean Hannity solely needs he had the liberty I do to current the next, that I’m, as soon as once more.

In July of 2017, after debating with myself for two months, I launched absolute proof which demonstrated that Robert Mueller, then FBI Director, compromised this nation by delivering excessive enriched uranium to the Russians in an final act of treason that would carry capital punishment penalties. Please, take the blinders off and click on the hyperlink.  The fact shall set you free.

By the best way, Hillary used this cash, obtained from these gross sales of extremely enriched uranium to assist fund her Presidential marketing campaign. And Trump nonetheless hasn’t prosecuted her?

Uranium One completed quite a lot of objectives for the globalists. This switch of uranium, would, partially, permit the Russians to play meet up with superior American nuclear energy. That is already resulting in an arm’s race during which the globalists protection industries are earning profits hand over fist. Have you ever seen the army finances for 2019?

Uranium One additionally served to maintain Russia and America aside by way of the creation of an arm’s race. Keep in mind, Putin has threatened to nuke the globalists. He’s being overrun with Muslim immigrants from former Soviet states.  Putin and Trump have a lot in widespread. Putin is being squeezed by way of a scarcity of granted liquidity from the Financial institution of Worldwide Settlements and Russia was kicked out of the G7. Putin has found that populism is widespread with the Russian individuals. Donald Trump has found the identical factor and now we transfer to the globalist finish recreation, the Russian-Collusion-Delusion.

Obama was the arrange man and set the stage for gun confiscation and the evisceration of the Structure. Hillary was to be the nearer. She would additionally begin World War III with the Russians which might culminate within the institution of a unified planet underneath the management of the globalists. However alongside got here Donald Trump, a nationalist. Putin has grow to be a nationalist. They’re opposed each materially and philosophically to the New World Order and all that it represents. The two leaders have to be stored aside. How was this completed? Merely say that the Russians stole the 2016 election. Subsequently, if Trump tries to get to shut to the Russians, it’s going to validate these bogus claims within the eyes of the general public.

There can be no one any higher to usher in particular counsel with a purpose to perpetrate this fraud than Robert Mueller. He has lengthy been a Deep State ally. Nevertheless, he now has a private stake in protecting Russia and America aside. His position within the supply of uranium to the Russians might be uncovered if Putin and Trump forge a alliance. Mueller’s life, each actually and figuratively, depends upon holding Russia and America being stored aside. This is the reason we now have been subjected to 2 years of a nothing burger. Two years of completely nothing and now they’re making an attempt to get Cohen to lie and they’re making an attempt to get anybody convicted of a unrelated crime by Mueller to lie about Trump. Mueller is determined. He must get World War III began as a result of his investigation goes nowhere. The Democrats are on the verge of falling into the identical lure as they’ve introduced 80 investigations into Trump. The Republican Main demonstrated that when the R’s and the media ganged up on Trump, the individuals sided with Trump as a result of no one likes a rigged recreation. The Democrats are strolling into the identical lure.

Mueller is harmful. By retaining Russia and America aside and heightening tensions, his actions might instantly result in WW III.

If I have been Donald Trump, I might do the next:

  1. Instantly hearth Mueller and provides a contemporary model of JFK’s Secret Societies speech on Nationwide TV. And if the networks would bot air the assertion, then declare martial regulation (there’s in any case a coup happening) and nationalize the mainstream media together with social media. So long as the MSM is allowed to censor, individuals’s minds will proceed to be enslaved.
  2. Appoint a particular prosecutor to research Uranium One and Robert Mueller’s position. If Trump did this, it might be fascinating to see how shortly the Russian-Collusion-Delusion would disappear. Hillary would unload all belongings and transfer to Dubai (no extradition). Podesta would search asylum on Epstein’s Island the place he would open a Deep State Pizza franchise and identify it after some comet and the Deep State would take the final practice for the coast earlier than discovering a rustic to enter hiding.

The solely method to cease the globalists and what Mueller is trying to do, is to neutralize Mueller. The solely method America survives is thru a Russian-American alliance designed to cease the unfold of globalism.

It’s time that Trump places Mueller out of his distress after which subsequently finishes the work that John F. Kennedy began 58 years in the past.